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Can I write fics without signing up?
Of course!

Am I required to write porn or request something kinky?
No, you can make a list that includes cliches or tropes that don't involve kinks. If you can't write porn and see something on a list that isn't a kink, you should write for it.

How do I make a list? And where?
Make a post in your own journal/fic journal/fic community/etc. with five kinks/tropes/cliches. Don't forget to include what fandoms and pairing you would to see written for you.

This list has a whole bunch of kinks/tropes/cliches you can use.

I want to write a fill for someone's list. Where do I do this?
Go to that person's list and post the fic as a comment. Either in the comment header or somewhere in the comment let them know what fandom, pairing, and kink it's for.

Can we write for something that's already been filled?
Yes, you can. There is no limit to haw many times it may be written.

If I make a list, am I required to write for someone else?
No. You can make one, but you don not have to fulfill something from someone's list. It would be really awesome if you could.

May I use a new list for each round?
Yes! IF you wish to make a new list, go ahead. Or the opposite, if you want to use a list you made for a previous round you can.

Have any more questions? Ask away!


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